Sports Medicine Outreach

Kinetix provides certified/licensed athletic trainers to public/private high schools, clubs and recreational teams throughout the Dallas Metroplex and Northeast Texas. Our athletic trainers will work alongside with coaches, administrators, and event planners to establish emergency action plans, educate, and make them more aware of the benefits to have access to an athletic trainer. Services include:

  • Contract athletic trainers for sporting events (Yearly contract or seasonal)
  • Weekly injury assessment clinics and referral
  • Saturday injury assessment clinics (during Football season only)
  • Concussion evaluation, rehabilitation, and oversight
  • Injury rehabilitation and therapeutic modality application

Kinetix Incentive Program (KIP)

KIP was developed to create an advantage for our clients to bypass insurance for sports medicine injury evaluation and rehabilitation. This means NO need to file insurance, NO deductibles to meet, NO co-pays, NO upfront costs.* **

Not having to make an insurance claim will help prevent an increase of insurance premiums from the injury. Healthcare has become expensive over the years and our program is set up to save you money and avoid unnecessary costs.

KIP members pay a monthly subscription for affordable sports medicine care for their athlete(s). This subscription includes:

  • Sports Injury Assessment (by appointment)
  • Discounted athletic/ kinesiology taping, and bracing
  • Sports Rehabilitation Program
  • Therapeutic Modalities

KIP can be utilized for most minor injuries sustained from middle school, high school, clubs and recreational activities, or by anyone living an active lifestyle.

*Not all injuries can be treated. Some cases will need to be referred to an orthopedic doctor or any other specialists deemed necessary upon evaluation

**Concussion assessments ARE AN AUTOMATIC DOCTOR REFERRAL. KIP can help with the concussion return-to-play protocol and initial evaluation.

Athletic Taping & Bracing

We provide a variety of taping and bracing for athletic games, events, and practices. Kinesio-Taping (K-Tape) application is also available. 

Personal Training

Kinetix certified personal trainers will provide a fitness consultation and a movement analysis to build a baseline program to get you started. No matter the physical condition, these programs are tailored to make you fit, while also keeping you safe.

Personal training can be offered one-on-one or in groups of 4 as circuit training. Whether you want to lose weight for a special occasion, put on muscle mass, or tone up – We are ready to help.

Massage Therapy

We are proud to offer sports massage services. Contact us to schedule your appointment!

Diet Analysis & Nutrition Plans

We offer nutrition coaching for client’s seeking guidance or a starting point for the health journey. Nutrition plans are unique to each individual because every body is different. Choose from online or face-to-face coaching to suit your needs and schedule. 

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