What People Are Saying

We met Tim during the Tour of Texas volleyball tournament at the Dallas Convention Center. He was really great in dealing with my 15 year old who has a knee injury. He kept her iced up and taped just right so that she could safely finish out the tournament. I really appreciated that he left the booth and came to the court so she wouldn't have to walk to the booth in pain between sets. That is top notch care and this momma appreciates it! Fully recommend Tim and Kenetix!
Jennifer V.
Athlete Parent
Tim was very knowledgeable and helpful when I blew out my knee and recommended an excellent doctor. I have seen him, and other members of the team, take great care of our athletes! Thank you for all you do.
Heather S.
I greatly appreciate Tim with the great advice for my son. My son broke his arm at an away game and luckily Tim was there and immediately came over to check him out. Tim knew exactly what the problem was and guided us to the best facility (which happened to save us lots of money) and has followed up with us on progress. About a week later, my daughter hurt her knee at a game. Tim came to the school to check her out and again, saved us lots of money by diagnosing her and put a plan in place to get her better quicker and she is doing well now! I was so thankful for his knowledge of the injury and the best facility to take them to! Again, we saved so much money having him available. Thankful these schools use him and his staff! He wants what's best for our kids!
Tara W-H.
Athlete Parent
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